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The pilgrimage chapel of Maria Elend

The construction of the small pilgrimage chapel with its scenic surroundings goes back to a vow made by Ursula Penyinger zu Penningberg in 1552. According to the legend the blind and somehow feeble-minded daughter of Ursula Penynger got lost. The mother promised to have a church built, should the lost child be found. Finally the girl was discovered sitting beside a fountain, having regained eyesight and mind. This was the place where the church was built.

In 1783 the church was closed and finally demolished. In 1824 though a new chapel was erected next to the site of the old pilgrimage church. This building was enlarged from 1842 to 1847.

Numerous votive images coming from the original church where transferred to the newly built chapel. The original miraculous statue of the Holy Virgin Mary got lost though and was replaced by a copy.